Dreaming free

I just finished the first month of training, and there are some things that have been re-awakened in my life since transitioning back to being an athlete again. One of those things is my dreams. I have many dreams, but sometimes I’m such a realist that I forget I have them. I guess it’s the fear that many people have, that they may not come true. I’ve really been inspired by my husband Aaron in this area. He loves to dream and he shares his dreams with me all the time.

This has helped develop how I approach my own dreams… With boldness. Many people know about my dream to reach the highest competitive level as a heptathlete: to compete at the Olympics and world championships. I have always approached this goal cautiously. I didn’t like telling people about it for the longest time. It still seems a bit scary, but I know that it’s ok to have scary goals. In fact, I would call this goal my BHAG. (This is a term I learned from my time at Lululemon that stands for Big Harry Audacious Goal.)

I have come to realize that there is no point in working toward a dream if you aren’t going to give it your absolute best. I’ve sacrificed so much for this dream already. I moved away from all friends and family to train in a new city. I have put in years of practice. I have undergone surgery and a year of being injured so that I can continue to pursue this dream. So how can I afford to doubt myself or God’s plan for my life? How can I afford to let my fear of the outcome affect me?
Either I can be my overly realistic self and talk myself out of it, or I can work strategically to make this dream happen… Step by step.

My solution to many decisions in life comes down to this: God entrusts us with certain gifts and talents. He then expects us to be stewards of those gifts. Usually we become passionate about the things or areas we are gifted in, as I have become passionate about the world of track and field and the people I train with everyday.

The root of the matter is that track doesn’t matter. When I die and stand before God, he’s not going to ask me how many medals I won, or what level of competition I reached, but He is going to ask me what I did with the gifts I was given to glorify Him and greater His kingdom.

So all that to say, with the help of His Holy Spirit, I am striving toward a dream in Faith. Whether it happens or not I have trust in God’s faithfulness. I am also going to continue to work and train to my fullest potential to improve and shatter all my old personal records from before my surgery. I am also excited to take full advantage of the time I get to spend with my coach and team.

So onward I go… Running off into the sunset. Dreaming free.


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