Lazy day friends

There are usually two types of people when it comes to being sick: the “Leave me alone, I can take care of myself” people, and the “Please take care of me, I’m dying!” people.  I belong to the latter group. The other day I suddenly caught the flu and had a terrible night. I then spent the whole next day on the couch. This could have been a very un-enjoyable experience, but thankfully other than having an amazing husband who takes care of me,  I also had the joy of a constant companion throughout my day. This little cutie.


My cat Kona has a way of bringing joy and laughter to every situation in our house. She is crazy and loves to play hard. She even plays upside down.

photo 2 photo 3

As you can imagine she is pretty entertaining, especially when there’s nothing to do but lay on a couch. There’s also something really fun about when she decides to take a break.  Animals always seem to know when you aren’t feeling well, and once she got tired of playing, she spent the entire day cuddled up to me and very affectionately kept me company.

photo 1 photo 4

I have been noticing the beautiful gifts of joy that God gives us every day, especially in the small things… and the not so small things, like a beautiful sunrise, or a silent snowy night. Kona is just one of these many gifts.  So today, I am exceedingly thankful for the gift of my couch buddy, Kona.


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