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Yesterday I launched my first ever athletic campaign to raise money for my upcoming track season and all the traveling I need to do. I am raising $11,500 for the season, and I only have 50 days to do it…so the sooner I reach my goal the better. Yes, it is a very large goal, but it is what I need to even compete this year! The problem with marketing these types of things is you can get all the “likes” or “retweets” in the world (which is great because it means people are sharing it with others), but the campaign doesn’t get anywhere unless people actually give to it. For  those of you who follow my blog and know a bit about my situation, I ask you to please give, even if its just a small amount. Every! Little! Bit! Counts! … Seriously. Don’t be overwhelmed by the overall goal. Your $10 could help pay for a meal at a competition. Your $50 could pay for 2 days rental car! Everything helps. This is your chance to support a Canadian Athlete. So I encourage you to watch this video that my husband and I worked on forever… we are by no means professional videographers! lol.  Then please follow the link to my campaign.

Natasha Jackson MAKEACHAMP Campaign:
Thank you for taking the time, and for supporting my campaign!!


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