Running Outa Time

As many of you know, a while back I started a 50 day campaign to raise funds for my competition schedule this year. In just 9 days, my campaign will be over. I am currently at 28% of my overall goal. It is a big goal, and I understand that I can’t always do everything, but it’s not over till it’s over! I definitely wouldn’t stop running 100m before the finish line, so I definitely won’t stop now!!


The photo above shows my campaign website and explains my need. Here is the link to my campaign:
So far I have raised enough to be able to travel to the first 2 events (Mt. SAC competition in LA, and training camp in Tucson). I will not be going to the competition in Prague at this point based on the funds I have raised, as it is the least necessary of the 5 trips, but I still need your help to be able to compete at the Pan American Cup and the International Heptathlon in Woerden.

PLEASE help share my campaign, video, and athletic journey with any friends, family, and businesses that you think may be interested in supporting a professional athlete. I am overwhelmed at the generosity I have received so far, and I am thankful beyond words. Please help to make my 2014 season a successful one.

Also please check out my video:



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