The Adventures Of…

It’s almost not real life. It’s a little bit of everything I’ve been longing. Hard work, deep one on one friendship connections, sunshine and warmth, relaxing, delving into the Word, running really fast.


My man and I have been galavanting through Arizona to Southern California and back to Arizona again. Competition and adrenaline rush is over (for now) and sun burns, sweat, and sore muscles have been the daily special for the past 9 days.


Aaron and I were so blessed to visit the roots of where we met and our closest friends who witnessed our relationship flourish. Trips down memory lane are always welcome, and it happened to be perfect timing as we celebrated our 2 year anniversary while we were there. One of the best things about visiting to the states is seeing and connecting with some of my closest friends. I love that it seems no time has passed since we’ve seen each other, even though I’ve been away for over 3 years.

After my competition and a completely different kind of nerves from speaking at a local high school, I definitely took advantage of the rest I was able to have the following week. I can’t remember the last time my life felt this slow and un-stressed. It is truly rejuvenating.

We are now back at “home base” in Tucson staying with dear friends. Homemade meals shared under one roof with many friends are my favourite. I love eating in, especially away from home… if that makes sense. Training camp has been under way for the past 9 days. Tomorrow is my first day off from training 6 hours per day. I have taken 2 naps so far today, and I NEVER take naps. Here in Tucson, the weather is perfect. Perfect meaning exceedingly hot and sometimes windy, but it’s pretty much paradise for heptathlon training… and sun tanning. Our training camp has consisted of a lot of hard work, and I’m thrilled that I haven’t had to hold off from any of the training due to injury. At past camps, I usually had to quit early or I couldn’t participate in certain drills/exercises due to my foot injury. Call me thankful and blessed! Oh, and of course Kona is along for the ride. She happens to also love the Tucson weather and the park with flocks of pigeons only 2 blocks away.


Aaaaaaaaaaand, what you have all been waiting for, some photos mi madre took from my season opener.

IMG_1506 hurdle

IMG_1582 hj
IMG_1625 umbrella

IMG_1604 shot

IMG_1632 shot

IMG_1739 LJ

IMG_1742 LJ

All in all I am extremely pleased with how my first heptathlon in 2 years turned out. I beat 5 out of 7 personal bests, which brought me to an overall personal best score in the heptathlon. WOOHOO!! And it was a blast hanging out with all my old hep pals at my old stomping grounds of the Azusa Pacific Track.

Until next time,



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