Oceans by Hillsong United has been an encouraging song for me this track season through the ups and downs. Paired with the truth of God’s Word, the Bible, His love letter to those who love Him, this song speaks truth when I am discouraged and it has been my prayer. I am discouraged now as tears stream down my face. As I sit with my leg compression wrapped and propped up, unable to put weight on it, I feel all the fears of my past surgery flood to my mind. And questions, and oh so many uncertainties. My dreams seem to have come to another dead end; At least that is how it always feels at the beginning of something like this. What happened: During high jump competition today I had to stop mid-approach as I instantly tore my Achilles pretty severely. I will be having surgery here in the Netherlands on Monday or Tuesday. Please pray that the procedure goes well. I have had the most amazing support here from my team as well as the meet director and doctors who are taking care of me. I am continually amazed by the kindness of the people who live here.



However, I will not be afraid of what the future holds, or doesn’t hold. Back to the song…

“You called me out upon the waters, the great unknown, where feet may fail. And there I find You in the mystery, in oceans deep my faith will stand. And I will call upon Your name, and keep my eyes above the waves. When oceans rise my soul will rest in your embrace for I am Yours and You are mine.
Your grace abounds in deepest waters, Your sovereign hand will be my guide. Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me, YOU NEVER FAIL and You won’t start now.”

My prayer:
“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever You would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the presence of my saviour.”

If you have never heard the song, I suggest you listen to it. It’s beautiful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy9nwe9_xzw

I still know these words are true and they are still my prayer for my life. To have no fear and boldly be lead by Jesus wherever and to whatever He calls me. The last year it has been to train everyday, with sweat an tears and muscles so sore on a daily basis that you don’t even remember what it feels like to feel “normal”. To compete to the best of the abilities He has given me and to do it in a way that shows His love to other people. Now onto a new adventure. I pray this makes me stronger in my relationship with my beautiful Saviour. Also please pray for my husband. I hate to put him through this twice.

On a more fun note, here are some photos of what I did accomplish today. I got a good time in and won hurdles overall and I was able to make it through most of high jump, clearing 1.75m.


Me with my coach
About to race, and yes it was Pouring.
About to race, and yes it was Pouring.






7 Replies to “Oceans”

  1. Don’t give up. Where one door closes another opens. When my husband died and left me with our 10 month old daughter you can imagine how I felt. Just please trust that God does have a plan and he is with you all the way. Maybe this is your time to let go and build a stronger and closer relationship with Him. I pray that God will give you strength, comfort and wisdom in this discouraging time for you♡

  2. Been praying for you, had heard something had happened that day, didn’t know what so my prayer was strength,courage and peace. Clearly God provided that. Heard the rest of the story from your mom when she came home. Your words and testimony have blessed me and my family as I shared your blog with them. God is faithful and He always knows best . Keep walking out on that water girl with your eyes up over the waves , He’s got you!!

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